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Michael George Gonzalez music teacher
For years I taught group workshops and music classes for various instruments and an array of music related topics. More recently I have been focused on my private teaching practice. But my students often ask me where to find their own music community. Ways they can find musicians with shared interests and similar abilities. Sure there are jam sessions, open mics, et cetera, but these can be intimidating to aspiring musicians. Plus they are often dominated by stronger, more experienced players.

Where do musicians go to learn to jam?

As I survey the music learning opportunities in our area I notice there is not much for the community musicians, and especially adults. A space where hobbyists, amateurs, and more experienced players can convene to play together, learn together, and collaborate. Events and groups like that are pretty common in more populated areas, but here in the Finger Lakes there is not much beyond private lessons. This can make learning to play music a solitary endeavor.

I believe that music is meant to be shared with others and not toiled away at in solitude. Playing music is one of the most truly human activities one can engage in. So it only makes sense that we find ways to connect with other musicians to build a musical community.

What can I do about it?

I am creating new music workshops that will teach a variety of topics. Starting in April I will be leading one workshop a month (more if the interest is ample) in Geneva, NY. Some will focus on playing techniques on specific instruments (guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin). While others will focus on music topics for any instrument (songwriting, jamming, music theory). While I will be lead instructor, some of the workshops will feature guest clinicians.

Each workshop will be hosted in the Reading Room at the Geneva Public Library. Workshops will be conducted on a Saturday each month from 11am–2pm. An admission fee will secure your space, plus grant access to the learning materials and practice pages. Students are responsible to provide their own instrument.

For more information visit, or contact Michael directly at (585)237-8442 and

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